Concentration and Attention

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Shouldered Brown (Photo credit: boobook48)


The student sits comfortably in a chair, head resting on a desk or table. She places her hands on the desk in front of her shoulders, fingers pointing slightly inward. As she inhales she experiences her breath flowing up the midline like a fountain of energy, lifting first her forehead, then her neck, and finally her upper back. Her diaphragm and chest stay open and her shoulders stay relaxed. The release is just as important as the lift; she curls her head toward her chest, then brings her forehead down to rest on the desk. This back-and-forward movement of the head increases circulation to the frontal lobe for greater comprehension and rational thinking.


• Keep the shoulders apart and relaxed.

• Remember to breathe into the base of the spine.

• Experience your breath (rather than your muscles) as the source of your strength.

• Repeat the movement three times, noting how it is easier with each repetition.


• The Energiser can be done face down on a mat. The student relaxes her body, placing her hands under her shoulders with palms against the mat. She then lifts her head, then her upper back, as before. The hips and lower body stay relaxed, touching the mat.


• the ability to cross the midline

• a relaxed central nervous system


• binocular vision and eye-teaming skills

• listening comprehension

• speech and language skills

• fine-motor control of eye and hand muscles


4 thoughts on “Concentration and Attention

  1. Hi, I have never heard of Brain Gym until you visited my blog, thankyou. I have a child with ADHD and ODD and would be interested if you knew of anything similar in Australia I could access?

    • Hi
      I will have a look fir you. I am developing a home program which will be available in the new year. It will consist of daily videos and the equipment necessary. For clients further away there will be details of how to make the equipment . It is all quite simple once you have the templets for the rocker board the rest is mostly bean bags and tennis balls.
      Meanwhile I will do some research for you and see if I can find a practitioner for you. I will be posting video tutorials over the Christmas period when I have some free time so stay tuned! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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