Make Reading Fun

Make Reading Fun

Games and activities that encourage reading make reading fun. Eat your words is an activity that makes practicing reading fun. Have children or dyslexic adults who cannot read shape letters out of biscuit or cookie dough. Cook the dough. Use them to create words. When you are done, let the participants eat their letters.

Sound hop-scotch is a reading game that you can play outside. The Dyslexia-Parent website says, “Find an empty space large enough for a child to jump or run. Then, you can draw a few boxes with letters on the floor using the chalk.” Call out the letter sound, and have the student hop to the letter that makes that sound. Offer a prize for their effort

Art can be a fun way to learn how to read and to learn how to recognize letters. Dyslexic people can make letters out of any kind of art medium that they like. Use paint, clay, pipe cleaners and paper to make letters. Students can then use the letters they made to practice forming words and reading.

7 thoughts on “Make Reading Fun

  1. Thanks for the ideas. They will be beneficial to homeschool moms with dyslexic students. Also ,thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate you liking one of my posts.

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