NECK ROLLS for Relaxation

Red-necked Phalarope (Phalaropus tricolor)Red-necked Phalarope (Phalaropus tricolor) (Photo credit: docentjoyce)

Neck Rolls relax the neck and release tensions resulting from an inability to cross the visual midline or to work in the midfield. When done before reading and writing, they encourage binocular vision and binaural hearing the head in the forward position only. Complete rotations to the back are not recommended.


• The student allows her head to roll slowly from side to side, as though it were a heavy ball, as she breathes deeply.

• As the head moves, the chin in its extreme positions does not pass either end of the clavicle.

• Be aware of tight spots or tension, and hold the head in that position, breathing deeply, until the neck releases.

• As you move the head, imagine it reaching out of the body, rather than collapsing down.

• Do neck rolls with eyes closed, then with eyes open.


• Begin with eyes closed. Take several deep, complete breaths. Imagine that your head is a beautiful sculpture resting in perfect balance on a polished post. Move your head in small circles, letting it find its ideal balance point.

• Move the head into a position of tension and do tiny circles with your chin. To further relax tensions, do Lazy 8s or tiny rolls from side to side. Keep moving out in ever larger circles or 8s.

• With one hand, press gently against any point of tension in the base of the head while tracing small circles or Lazy 8s with your nose.

• To improve mouth position and alignment of the jaw where there are speech or tongue-thrust difficulties, rest the teeth together lightly and flatten the tongue like a blanket against the upper palate while doing the movement.

• Complete the Neck Rolls by imagining a warm waterfall flowing down the back of your neck.


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