Stress Management Tips


Guide to stress reduction.

  1. Eat a diet with a large percentage of raw food. Avoid processed foods, artificial sweeteners, carbonated soft drinks, chocolate, eggs, fried food, junk food, pork, white flour, sugar and snack food.
  2. Eliminate dairy products from your diet for three weeks. Then reintroduce them slowly and watch for returning symptoms.
  3. Limit your intake of caffeine it can disturb sleep patterns and dehydrated the body.
  4. Avoid alcohol and tobacco.
  5. Get regular exercise. Physical activity can help clear your mind and keep stress under control.
  6. Learn to relax try meditation use Brain Gym.
  7. Practice deep breathing.This can be done when facing a stressful situation. Inhale deeply with your mouth closed, hold your breath for a few seconds (do not wait until you are uncomfortable) then exhale slowly through your mouth, with your tongue placed at the top of your teeth, next to the gum line. Do this four or five times, or until the tension passes.
  8. Monitor your internal conversations. The way we talk to ourselves has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves and our environments. Telling you things like ‘I should be able to handle this better,’ only adds to the stressfulness of the situation and does nothing to resolve them. Learn to listen for and then make yourself stop these futile conversations.
  9. Identify the source of stress in your life by keeping a stress diary.

Dealing with stress is not easy for anyone!

You cannot allow it to control your life. Otherwise, you will end up with health issues and bruised feelings.

Each person deals with stress differently. Some know how to get relief; others don’t care to work it out. They would rather be stressed for the rest of their lives.

Stress can be used as a motivator to get rid of your problems as well as stress itself. Using some of these techniques listed in this guide can help you to a better and peaceful life.

If you look at it from a positive standpoint, you will be able to tackle it with grace and keep moving. If not, you will continue to allow the stress demons invade your life.

Continue to live a healthy lifestyle by eating right and eating healthy. Also, make sure to incorporate regular exercise in your daily schedule.

If you are in a toxic relationship which has been the same for a while, it’s time to let go and move on. Toxic relationships are not healthy for anyone. They can bring more stress on you than you can imagine. You can’t allow people to bring you down to their level.

You have to work at becoming stress -free. It won’t happen overnight. You cannot allow stress to suffocate you where you can’t think straight.

You will need to prioritize what’s important in your life and stick with keeping those things in order.

There’s too much of life to see for you to be burdened with trivial issues that cause you to be stressed and frustrated. Keep yourself sane and happy by keeping the stress away.


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