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Arm Activation is an isometric self-help activity which lengthens the muscles of the upper chest and shoulders. Muscular control for both gross-motor and fine-motor activities originates in this area. If these muscles are shortened from tension, activities related to writing and the control of tools are inhibited.


• The student experiences her arms as they hang loosely at her sides.
• The student activates one arm as illustrated, while keeping her head relaxed. She then compares the two arms in terms of length, relaxation, and flexibility, before activating the other arm.
• Activation is done in four positions: away from the head, forward, backward, and toward the ear.
• The student may feel the arm activation all the way down to the ribcage.
• The student exhales on the activation, releasing the breath over eight or more counts.
• The student may notice increased relaxation, coordination, and vitality as arm tension is released.
• On completing the movement, the student rolls or shakes her shoulders, noticing the relaxation.


• Take more than one complete breath in each position of activation.
• While activating, reach up to further open the diaphragm.
• This can be done sitting, standing, or lying down.
• Arm Activations can be done in different arm positions (e.g., arm straight ahead, next to hip, behind the waist).


• expressive speech and language ability
• relaxed use of diaphragm and increased respiration
• eye-hand coordination and the manipulation of tools


• penmanship and cursive writing
• creative writing


• operating machines (e.g., a word processor)


• an increased attention span for written work
• improved focus and concentration without overfocus
• improved breathing and a relaxed attitude
• an enhanced ability to express ideas
• increased energy in hands and fingers (relaxes writer’s cramp)

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Exam Stress.

Students taking a test at the University of Vi...

Students taking a test at the University of Vienna at the end of the summer term 2005 (Saturday, June 25, 2005). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Exam Stress.

Some students handle exam pressure a lot better than others and some students have all their study skills into place to allow them to remember a lot more for their exams.

Students can study better and they can reduce the stress they are going through with simple Brain Gym techniques.

If you would like more information about exam stress management and how to help your loved ones deal with the pressure then contact me now.

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